Jan 30

California Here we we are !

A big move for me this year as I've moved to sunny California with my small familly and now work at Blur Studio in Venice.

We left the cold winter weather of Paris in January to find the early spring here in Los Angeles. We still have a lot to do to settle but I can't wait to get started ! The team looks amazing, so many talented people here.

For those who wonder what is going on with Gear. Well, I'm still planning to release the version 2.0 in a couple of months. Facial components are almost ready, but I'd like to include some other new feature in this release such as xml shapes, ice kinematics components and some major bug fixes.
But be patient please as I have still a lot to do here before getting some free time to work on Gear again.

In the meanwhile, I invite you to have a look at some of the latest work from Blur. I am NOT involved in any of these production, but they look amazing.

The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo Opening

Batman Arkman City: Hugo Strange Trailer



Dec 28

Greetings everyone !

My good friend Miquel Campos sent me his best wishes with this animated card he made at Shed Montreal. A great piece of animation done with Gear :) So please remember : SHARE THE JOY !!


On his side, Christopher Tedin just released two new video tutorials on cmiVFX. And guess which rigging system does he uses ?
Have a look at Softimage Combat Animation and Softimage Anatomy of Motion.


Dec 13


Oct 27

Yesterday, I received two videos made using Gear at almost the same time. I particuliarly like those videos as they show the flexibility of the system. In those two projects, the riggers didn't use the temptaes out of the box, but they managed to create there own rig by combining together different components.

The first one is a commercial made at BlackGinger in Cape Town - South Africa.
Darrin Hofmeyr explained me that they used Gear for almost all the characters except the cows at the end.

The next one is a campaign against AIDS by Cezary Albinski. Again I really like the way he managed to use Gear for those praying mantis and excellent lighting by the way.


Aug 3

Slowly we can dicover more and more the final look of the movie A Monster In Paris. High resolution pictures of the movies are now visible on the internet. I really like the atmosphere in the cabaret.

The trailer and the video from the original sound track are in this previous post.



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