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First release of the beta version of MGear the Maya version of Gear.

Version 1.1.0 is now available for download

- GEAR Libraries : A library of methods to ease the scripting of rigging task.
- GEAR Icon : A library of rigging icons (curve based).
- GEAR PSet : A persistent and customizable property. Custom layout and logic.
- GEAR Curve Tools : A tool set to edit, create and manipulate curve.
- GEAR Rigging Tools : A tool set for riggers.
- GEAR Solvers : A set of rigging solvers.
- GEAR Rigging System : A complete modular rigging system.
- GEAR Envelope Tools : A tool set to edit and manipulate envelope.
- GEAR Shape Tools : A tool set to edit and manipulate shape.
- GEAR Modeling Tools : A tool set to edit and manipulate geometry.
- GEAR Weightmap Tools : A tool set to edit and manipulate weightmap.
- GEAR Synoptic : A dynamic animation UI to manipulate the rigs.
- GEAR Mirror : A plugin to quickly mirror

GEAR is an open source project to provide a complete and production quality tool set for rigging and animation inside Autodesk Softimage™. It includes a lot of tools to ease the rigging and animation process.

The main focus of version 1.0 is the rigging part. We wanted to be able to create and maintain production quality rigs easily. A couple of tools also been created to ease the rigging process, helping the manipulation of envelopes, shapes, weightmaps...

Anyone should be able to built custom rig using GEAR. It has been designed to be flexible and easy to use. Even non-riggers can create advanced rigging and animate them easily. But the system is also open to further development so TDs can create their own components and use them inside of the GEAR Rigging System. Also everything is accessible through scripting with a complete API to automate as much as possible.